Eco-friendly Garden Crates

Being in sync with nature is one of the best things that we as humans can do. And when we push ourselves to do everything possible to keep our carbon print in check, we have to be doubly sure that we are following practices the right way. Getting garden crates to our homes is one such thing that helps us live the green way. However, when we get the crates, we miss on checking the material used for the crate or simply go ahead and recycle the container like a plastic one that we have for the backyard use. Only when we are equipped with the right information on the types of garden crates can we make an informed decision. Here are some points to help you know the facts better.

Ease of Availability

What do you do of those wooden wine boxes or fruit or vegetable crates? If you have been throwing them, please understand that wooden crates are the best form of garden crates that you can ever get. By doing so, you are recycling wood for the right purpose. These wooden crates come with enough room for most of the plants to grow well at the required depth while getting a good amount of exposure to the outside atmosphere.

Eco-friendly Garden Crates

Environment Friendly

Wood is a natural, renewable product unlike plastic that can, at best, be only recycled and is therefore sustainable, biodegradable and organic. It is significantly better on carbon footprint front. If for some reason, plastic products get into your soil, they can majorly affect the soil quality which is not the case with wood.

Weather Resistance and Ventilation

A good garden crate should take the weather conditions into consideration. Wood is proven to be relatively resistant to varying weather conditions when compared with its counterparts. Also, wooden garden crates offer an environment highly conducive for good ventilation which is a must for the plants to grow well. As against this, its competitors like plastic may not perform well on this front damaging the produce to some extent.

Rustic Look and Feel

Wooden crates are the first choice of many a gardener for their rustic appeal which is difficult to get in either plastic or metal crates. Also, wooden crates offer solid walls which plastic ones don’t. Their rigidity offers a good growing medium and support for the young plants. Again, the various sizes that these wooden crates come in can be best used to create a visual mix of different heights giving your garden a steps look.

Offer Enough Room

Your crate must be large enough so that you have enough choice to grow all that you want to. Plants that have long taproots, for example, won’t grow properly in shallow crates, while plants that have spreading root systems will have their growth stunted in narrower crates. Wooden garden crates usually come with enough room for most of the plants.

Offer Proper Drainage

When deprived of proper drainage, plants will wilt and ultimately rot. So, when you buy a garden caret you have to check on drainage. A non-absorbent material like plastic could damage the plants if used as it is. As for the wooden crate, drilling a few holes in the solid box will take care of the drainage needs.

So, if you want to jump the bandwagon of increasingly savvy gardeners and yet maintain the Eco friendliness of your choice, up-cycle the wooden crates that you can lay your hands on-vegetable, fruit and wine ones. You are sure to create low cost and highly sustainable garden décor and at the same time give your plants a very natural environment to breathe and smile and grow happily.