Eco-Friendly Driving Tips to Keep the Environment Safe and Clean

With the rising concerns for global warming there has been a sudden increase in awareness among people to resort to greener ways for saving the planet. With some of the eco-friendly driving tips people can make efficient use of the vehicles and cause least damage to the environment. Provided below are some of the tips on eco-friendly driving.
The tires should be properly inflated so that they last longer, are safer and increase gas mileage by more than three percent.
It is always advisable to use recommended brand of motor oil as it can lead to increase in gas mileage by at least two percent. It is better to choose motor oil that has “Energy Conserving” on API performance symbol.

Eco-Friendly Driving
The Engine should be kept properly tuned as it again helps in increasing the vehicle’s mileage by nearly four percent.
Replacing and checking air-filters on daily basis not only improves the mileage of the vehicle but keeps impurities away that usually damages the engine.
Speeding is not at all recommended as mileage can decline at a fast rate once the vehicle goes over 60m/hr.
Road rage can prove costly. Driving aggressively unless absolutely necessary can lead to gas wastage and the mileage goes down by 33 percent at highways and 5 percent in cities. Sensible driving apart from being safe helps to save on money spent on gas.
Excessive idling should be avoided at all costs. Vehicles that have large engines generally tend to waste more gas idling than vehicles with small engines.
The cruise control can be highly advantageous. The cruise control feature when used in highways helps in maintaining a constant speed and saves gas.
The work hours need to be staggered to avoid the huge rush available at peak hours. By doing so, one can ensure that less time is spent in traffic, less fuel is consumed and additional stress is avoided.
Taking advantage of ride share programs and carpools certainly helps to reduce weekly fuel costs and even reduces wear on the car.
Carrying items on top of the vehicle should be avoided. When the carrier or roof rack is loaded, it can create aerodynamic drag which reduces the mileage of the vehicle by nearly five percent.
While travelling, it is advisable to carry only the items that are absolutely necessary and avoid unneeded items. When the load on the vehicle is reduced, it offers better mileage and the engine works smoothly.
Finally, it is better to walk for short distances instead of driving a car. This is beneficial for the body too.
Following some of the most advised eco-friendly driving tips can certainly make a big difference in the performance of the vehicle and keep the environment free from the harmful effects.