Eco Friendly Clothing Alternatives to Try

Eco friendly clothing serves to be a very important part of the change that has taken place in the fashion industry. These days the fashion industry is filled with accessories and clothing made with sustainable materials. There are even some brands that have gone very far in creating each piece of fashion in such a way that it reduces environment strain and waste during production. Some of the most common materials that are used in making environment friendly clothes are hemp, silk, spy wool and bamboo. In order to get the best and the most effective eco wardrobe without sacrificing on money and time, you should consider the tips for purchasing earth friendly clothing.

Varieties of environment friendly clothing

There are particularly three varieties of environment friendly clothing and they are:

  • Organic cotton clothing
  • Bamboo clothing
  • Hemp clothing

Organic cotton clothing is something that people are more familiar with. Traditionally, we are always bent on the use of cotton irrespective of the fact that cotton can damage the environment. Traditional cotton requires a lot of water for sustaining and thus uses up some precious resources. Cotton also consists of insecticides and pesticides that percolate within our Earth and waterways damaging beneficial wildlife like birds, bees and deer. Each product in the category of environment friendly clothing has certain benefits and even some drawbacks. Therefore, before buying organic clothing be sure about the product that you are buying.

Eco Friendly Clothing Alternatives to Try

Characteristics of organic cotton clothing

  • Grown without insecticides and pesticides.
  • Great option to use in place of traditional cotton.
  • Looks, acts and feels very much like conventional cotton.
  • Be very sure about checking the company before making your purchase because there are companies that offer products that are not completely organic. make sure that you buy 100 per cent organic guaranteed products.

Characteristics of bamboo clothing

  • Bamboo clothing is a sustainable resource.
  • It can easily be grown organically.
  • It can grow in any climate.
  • Feels smooth and silky.
  • It is anti-microbial and wicks moisture.
  • Biodegrades very quickly in comparison to oil-based synthetics.
  • Check for growing procedures that are organic.
  • It is UV resistant.

Characteristics of hemp clothing

  • It can also be easily grown organically.
  • Its fibers are stronger in comparison to cotton.
  • Renders UV protection.
  • It is Antimicrobial.
  • Wicks moisture.
  • Same as linen.
  • Growing hemp is still illegal in many parts of the United States of America.

Making an informed decision regarding the purchase of this type of clothing would be easier for you if you know the right material. It is always recommended to try all the three varieties of environment friendly clothing because they are all good. You should consider buying organic clothing as an investment because it is good for your health and is even better for the environment that you live in. However, doing a thorough research is very important because this will help you get hold of less expensive and quality-based eco-friendly clothing.