Some Eco Friendly Christmas Ideas to Consider

Eco friendly Christmas ideas for this festive season bring you joy and also do not burn a hole in the wallet.

Christmas brings along happiness and celebrations when it comes. By the word itself we start feeling like celebrating and remember the Christmas tree and the Christmas cake. Let’s make this Christmas a Green Christmas with some Eco friendly Christmas ideas.

Some of the Eco friendly Christmas ideas

To start with we could use a new planted Christmas tree in a big urn instead of the cut tree that we use as Christmas tree every year. This would reduce the depletion of the number of coniferous trees around us. This planted Christmas tree can be used every year and it could be named as your special tree. Enjoy the feeling of nurturing the tree every year and enjoying it as Christmas tree every Christmas.

One of the best eco-friendly Christmas ideas could be that if you do not want to spend time on nurturing the tree every day then you could go ahead with a Christmas tree made out of cardboard and the snowflakes covering the tree could be made from old greeting cards that you have stacked up in your attic.

The ornaments that are being used on the tree can also be original if we spend a little time looking around the home. The bells can be recycled from the ones that you may have kept from last year’s use. Probably everybody loves to keep the decorations of last year saved as remembrances of the wonderful Christmas we had. The last stockings can be made much more beautiful and look new if some more colorful additions are made to it such as some new ribbons.

Eco friendly Christmas ideas

The last year’s Santa’s Sleigh can also be renewed by a few additions of new balance, satin ribbons and a change in the color of the cushion covers on the cushions used in the sleigh.

Ivy, Holly and Mistletoe can be used in the original directly from the respective plants/trees. Ivy climbers can be used to beautify the house with little tricks with the lights. Holly in itself is so beautiful that nothing is required to further enhance its beauty.

Eco friendly Christmas gift ideas

As mentioned earlier, we could use greeting cards instead of calling up and wishing. An even better idea would be sending E-greeting cards which would even stop the wastage of paper used for the greeting cards.

Gifts like home-made eco friendly chocolates can be given to our near and dear ones. Nowadays, we can find such chocolates in the market if we are not much into cooking.

Gifts made from materials found at home can also be given. These include quilts and bedcovers made out of fanciful pieces of cloth which are usually bought for some use and are left out after. Old bed sheets can also be used to make quilts if arranged beautifully and sewed.

There are many relatives who also have a love for nature and like to be surrounded with nature even if they are living in an apartment and cannot afford a garden of their own. For such people we could get potted plants which are to their liking and also Bonsai’s. A small Bonsai of an orange tree or an apple tree would look awesome if they are in bloom or they are laden with fruits. This would be a very colorful gift in itself.