Eco-friendly Celebration of Life – Rejoicing in a Green Way

There are many occasions in our lives that we love to share with our loved ones. Whether it is a wedding or a wedding anniversary or whether it is a small birthday party that you wish to have there are many ideas for eco-friendly celebration of life.

Eco-friendly Celebration of Life

  • Instead of planning something big, which draws attention from a lot of people, and also costs you a lot of money we can celebrate small occasions in an eco friendly way. Bringing all the invitees in one place, results in loss of gas and valuable time in travelling from one place to another. Instead one can easily setup a video conference or calling facility in their home, and celebrate the moment of being together.
  • If you want to get together in the physical world, you can choose an outdoor site for a change. Nature plays a big role in bringing happiness to the lives of people with its serene beauty and other non-materialistic elements, influencing the decision-making process of human-beings in a great way. So one should try to setup something under the shade of nature, for an eco-friendly celebration of life.
  • If someone is organizing or planning something big for friends and family in an eco-friendly way, then the food in such occasions should be organic in nature as it is healthy and fresh and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals.
  • One should see to that there is supply of recycle bins as it reduces trash, which also means visiting the garbage dumpster a lot less.
  • One can always avoid the printing cost by organizing a party by inviting the guests through a website or using the various social networks. Not only that, it also helps in maintaining a balance in bio-diversity. Or better still, one can share the photos and videos through these sites.
  • One can always use various methods in remembering their loved ones in an eco-friendly manner. Instead of mourning, one should celebrate being alive with their loved ones. Invitees can be asked to plant a tree in the memory of the deceased one (which could be a favorite of theirs), so as to make sure that their “presence” is still alive and that they’ll be remembered everyday in our lives.
  • One can easily organize something annually, so as to make sure that even in their absence, their loved ones continue to remember them.