Eco-friendly Alternatives to Dryer Sheets

As an intelligent homeowner, you should look for eco-friendly alternatives to dryer sheets in order to keep your family healthy. Do you love the fresh smell of your washed sheets after they have been cleaned with a softener? Most homeowners love the scent and they fail to realize that what they smell is the smell of a chemical. In fact, it has been established in various researches that these chemicals are responsible for irritation in the respiratory tract and can cause skin allergies too.

Vinegar for cleaning sheets

Are you aware that vinegar when added to water can clean your sheets thoroughly? In fact a little borax can be also added to your laundry water and this would be far more effective than cleaner which have toxic chemicals in them.

Start using a green fabric softener

With the growing consciousness among common people to use green products, there are various green cleaners available in the market. Most of these products are made from vegetable by-products and are safe to be used.

Dryer Sheets

Use natural fiber clothing

When you start using clothes made from natural fibers like jute and cotton, you would realize that these fabrics do not become dirty easily and also do not cling to your body and are easy to clean too.

Aromatic oils for cleaning your clothes

If you love the fresh smell of dryer sheets, you can add a few drops of aromatic oils in the water when you are cleaning your clothes and sheets. After the clothes have dried you can enjoy the wonderful smell for many days.

Have you used dryer balls?

Dryer balls look like a rubber lump. These dryer balls have gained popularity as they soften the fabric and quicken the drying time of your dryer sheets. The best benefit that you enjoy when using these dryer balls is that you save valuable electricity and your cleaning is done thoroughly too.

Reusable dryer sheets

Now-a-days, there are many brands of reusable dryer sheets in the market. When you plan to buy a new one, invest in these kinds of sheets and you can use them for several months at a time. These dryer sheets are made of fabrics that do not become static easily.

Aluminum foil

The next time you clean your wet clothes take a ball of aluminum foil and place them in the dryer. You can use the ball for maximum 6 months and your clothes would not become static too.

Use your hair conditioners as homemade dryer sheets

Your hair conditioner can be used as a fabric softener when you cut small pieces of clothes and soak your hair conditioner in them and add to your laundry wash. This simple method would soften your clothes and is one of the most effective eco-friendly alternatives to dryer sheets which you can use in your home.