Eco Community Towards Making a New World

The primary aim of an eco community is to make sure that only enough dwellings are present within the property so as to reduce the expenditures for the project. The land that is left is used for green purposes. The concept of eco community has gained huge attention during recent times as people have realized the importance of protecting the environment and its resources. Listed below are some of the benefits of eco communities.

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduce CO₂ release into the atmosphere through reduction in transport.
  • Carbon ‘banking’ with the help of plant and tree growth.
  • Overall increase in biodiversity and natural habitat for wildlife.
  • Improved water quality which ultimately leads to increasing the aquatic life.
  • Reduction in chemicals released into the atmosphere resulting from fossil fuel usage.
  • Fewer amounts of chemicals like chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, etc. used in food production.
  • Better air quality.
  • Reduced packaging waste.
  • Reduced noise pollution.
  • The designing of the houses carried out in such a manner that it reduces the impact on the environment.

Eco Community

Cultural and Social Benefits

Families are considered to be the driving force behind creation of an eco community. The elimination of utility bills along with affordable housing makes it easier for people to spend more time with their families. This proves highly advantageous as spending time with families allows people to stay relaxed, attentive with children and be stress-free. Children growing up in such an environment tend to have greater psychological health and increased self-esteem which allows them to excel in all walks of life.

Economic Benefits

Eco community that remains free from encumbrance of debts is hardly affected by the economic ups and downs. A true economy is derived from value of people and gets benefitted through harmonious use of the land available. This type of economy makes sure that there is less amount of debt as there is less usage of money. Sustainable eco communities are of the belief that general well-being and ease for all is required to be wealthy. Wealth gets measured by pleasure and ease of life instead of asset portfolio and thousands of dollars being earned every year.

Health Benefits

As there is little or no stress, people can enjoy the elements of nature like rain and the sunshine. When the mind remains stress free, the body remains rejuvenated and energized all the time. This allows a person to work actively and with full attention. Another huge benefit of living in such a community is that one can nurture more good feelings, lead a better lifestyle and enjoy every aspect of life without regretting anything. Healthy food available from the community keeps the body fit and strong.

Therefore it is evident that when the concept of eco community gets practiced it tends to fulfill the prospect of living in harmony with the environment and create a better future.