Decorate Your Home with Eco Friendly Christmas Decorations

Wouldn’t you like to spend a greener Christmas season this year with your friends and relatives around? The best way to do this is by making use of eco friendly products to decorate your surroundings. Let us see some of the best ways in which we can do the same. Eco friendly Christmas decorations are in great vogue among today’s generation.

Eco Friendly Christmas Ornament

Decorating your Christmas tree

Don’t you think that Christmas is just incomplete without a Christmas tree? And wouldn’t it be wonderful if the tree is real? Usually artificial trees are purchased so that they can be continued for years and years, but a natural tree would add to the beauty of the decoration. Not only that, from a different perspective, it would also help you to keep the place around greener and fresh with lots of oxygen. This is our first step to contributing to the ecological balance in the environment around us.

Eco friendly Christmas decorations

After planting a Christmas tree, make sure that you have the best quality of decorative items so that your tree looks the best! The best way to do that is using eco friendly materials for decorations which include homemade candles, homemade decorations and toys along with candies, and last but not the least, energy saving lights which would help you to save electricity as well.

Try decorating your tree with toys that you have made at home with small bits of thread and paper. You can also make a homemade wreath with white flowers or branches from your garden which can be used to decorate the tree. Nowadays numerous stores sell home made products like painted eggshells, paper chains and stars, snowflakes, and painted pine cones. Make your own sweet doll and decorate it on the top of the tree as an angel if you are good at stitching.

You can use some ivy flowers to decorate the painting and the trees around. The presents can be packed with paper from the home itself and then used again after recycling. Also if you need to buy a present which is operated with battery, buy rechargeable batteries so that it can be reused. You can also use pictures from your paint books or a drawing by your child for decorating the back ground. As mentioned use power saving and rechargeable lights for decorating the Christmas tree as they help in consumption of energy and can be reused again after recharging. Different colors and sizes of these lights are obtainable.

Gift your loved ones products like organic chocolates, homemade cakes and sweets, homemade bags and pictures as well as pictures of families made with love and care. Pack them up with wrapping paper that you have made at home and tie them up with a ribbon which can again be reused. Instead of greeting cards you can send E-cards which would help in saving of paper.

Try out these methods of  Eco friendly Christmas decorations this Christmas and see if you can make some difference.