Benefits of Investing in Hybrid Taxis

Hybrid taxis are starting to become much more common in the UK, and with an increasing consciousness of environmental sustainability that’s hardly a surprise – but some people are still unsure of what exactly the benefits of investing in hybrid taxis are. So, here’s some information about the environmental and health benefits of hybrid taxis, to enable you to make an informed choice.

Environmental Benefits

There are a multitude of benefits environmentally to switching your hybrid taxi. Firstly your emissions will be significantly reduced – probably no surprises there, but it’s still one of the most important benefits of using hybrid taxis. The primary cause of global warming is carbon dioxide emission into our atmosphere, of which transportation is the second largest contributor – and is constantly increasing. For every gallon of gasoline burned, as much as 20lbs of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere. By switching to hybrid cars you can slash your fleet’s emissions, all the more important where you’ve got a significant number of cars out on the road. This is a benefit in terms of your business and your branding, as well as in terms of doing your bit – you’ll be letting people know that you and your company care about the environment, and that when riding with you they can be assured they’re reducing their carbon footprint while still getting where they need to go in comfort and style.

Benefits of Investing in Hybrid Taxis

Reducing Noise Pollution

Hybrid taxis also reduce noise pollution significantly, particularly as the vast majority have a start-stop engine system, meaning that they won’t idle when stationary with the engine on – particularly relevant to the kind of urban driving that your taxis undertake on a daily basis. Idling a car is not only a totally unnecessary waste of fuel – and hence an extra cost, but also a major contributor to emissions and noise pollution, so by removing it completely you’re both doing your bit and saving some cash.

Solving Climate Change

Solving climate change is a huge international challenge, and only a concerted global effort will be enough to avert dangerous consequences. But that said, if we each take steps to reduce our own carbon footprint the overall reduction could be astounding. Large and complex issues, like climate change, are usually best tackled by breaking down the problem into manageable bits. For carbon emissions, this means reducing the CO2 contribution of each and every one of the six and a half billion people on the planet. But what can you, as an individual person or family, do that will most make a difference to the big picture?