Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cars

Eco-friendly cars, in their various forms, are becoming a day-to-day reality for a multitude of car owners. Hybrid cars and fully electric cars can be seen out and about on pretty much all major roads nowadays, and with good reason. These types of cars may offer significant benefits to those who switch, so here’s a guide to the potential benefits you could experience if you switch to an eco-friendly car.

Acknowledge the Problem

Before we launch into the detail, it’s important to know why eco-friendly cars are such an important choice to make. For most of us the vast majority of our carbon footprint comes from travel, and more specifically driving. Everything from your daily commute to that quick trip to the shops adds to your personal environmental impact. You might have preconceptions about eco friendly cars not being as stylish as their fuel-guzzling counterparts, but nowadays that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cars

A couple of the best technologies around in the luxury market are the Mercedes Hybrid Systems and Volkswagen Bluemotion Technology. Look out at all the options you have about buying eco-friendly cars to help you get started. That way you can drive happy knowing that you’re doing your part, while still getting where you need to be in comfort and style.

Reduced Fuel Costs

This might be the most obvious benefit of switching to an eco-friendly car, but it’s certainly worth mentioning! Owning either a hybrid or fully electric car will significantly reduce your fuel costs, due to the impact of a cut or total drop in petrol needed to keep your car running and on the road. Initially the savings might seem small, particularly if you go for a hybrid, but they’ll really add up over time – with hybrids representing around a 30% saving on the costs of fuel for city driving, or 19% on motorway and higher-speed driving.

The only cost in fueling an electric car, of course, is the electricity to charge the battery – and you can pick up kits to set up a charging station in your own garage or find a charging point at many petrol stations and motorway services across the country, with availability constantly increasing.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Carbon and sulfur emissions are reduced significantly by choosing a hybrid car, or eliminated altogether in electric cars. Reducing toxic emissions means reducing your personal carbon footprint every time you travel, cleaner air in the environment, and a healthier atmosphere.