Adopt These 10 Easy Steps to a More Eco-Friendly Home

The homeowners in today’s world are as much concerned for the planet as they are for their homes. They look for eco-friendly ways to decorate and fashion their homes, both to keep their family safe and to protect the planet. Decorating a house in an eco-friendly way would take into consideration several aspects and not just the accessories or the objects. Having an eco-friendly home would also indicate taking step toward reducing the consumption of energy. Here are 10 easy steps to a more eco-friendly home.

Eco-Friendly Home

  1. It would be a good option to wash the shabby towels or use them as rags rather than disposing them. Same can be done with the wash clothes. Use of paper towels should be avoided so that waste disposal that pollutes the environment is minimized.
  2. The floors can be cleaned using micro fibre cloths. There are reusable pads available that can help in good cleaning of the house. The cleaners that are available in the market contain chemicals. Though these cleaners do not have any immediate effect on the people, but the gases they release can cause serious health problems like allergies and asthma over years. Such cleaners also affect the environment. Using natural homemade cleaners like vinegar, lemon, baking soda, will ensure that the home is both clean and safe.
  3. There would be no better way to show concern for the environment by using hard wood flooring for home. Bamboo can also be used for the purpose as it is an eco-friendly material and a bamboo plant takes four to six years to mature.
  4. The most important thing that is to be done to ensure an eco-friendly environment at home is to cut down the use of plastic goods. Plastics emit harmful chemicals that can cause severe damage to the planet. It can cause serious health impairment in the humans and animals while also posing threat for the environment.
  5. People use various fragrant sprays to ensure that their homes smell fresh. Despite the fragrances that acre added to such sprays, they can affect the health of the people living inside. A safer way would be to keep plants such as spider plant that is known for its air freshening property.
  6. Using induction cook tops would save energy and therefore reduce the bills. An induction cook top transmits the electromagnetic energy directly to the cookware and thus just the amount of energy required is used.
  7. The kitchen can be fashioned with accessories made of bamboo. There can be bamboo spoons, forks, chopping board, trays, and several other things that can be used.
  8. Having a green garden is always healthy. Even when there is no much space for gardening, plants can be kept at home in tubs.
  9. For painting the house, it is good to use paints that have low VOC. Ordinary paints contain toxic elements contributing to ozone depletion and air pollution.
  10. Using CFLs consume less energy than the ordinary bulbs and therefore contributes to the go green revolution.

Mentioned above are 10 easy steps to a more eco-friendly home and if followed can deliver good results.