4 Best Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Some steps need to be taken in order to abort certain processes that pose challenge to the lives of humans and other life forms on earth. It is time now to implement the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and make earth a safer place to live in for us and for the future generations too.

1. Buy water and energy efficient appliances

Apart from the behavioural changes, there are certain other steps that need to be taken as well. It is good to invest in smarter technologies that are energy efficient. The energy rating of an appliance such as washing machine, or refrigerator, or air conditioner should be checked before purchasing them. The water usage of the appliances must also be checked prior to buying them. Such appliances would not only save the utility bills but will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy saving

2. Use public transport

Transportation is the first contributor to global warming as it produces more carbon dioxide which is one of the most lethal gasses leading to global warming. Since it is not possible to dispense with transport altogether, keeping them as minimal as possible could solve the problem to some extent. Cycling is good not just as a form of exercise but also as a way to be eco-friendly. Cycles pose no threat to the atmosphere because they do not emit carbon or its compounds into the atmosphere. Walking although is not practicable for longer distance it is both good for health and safe for the environment.

Public transport

3. Reduce, recycle and reuse

Recycling is one very efficient way not just to save money, but also to protect the environment. Recycling goods reduce wastage. Energy and water in large amounts are used for making of things or process that is rarely or hardly used. Recycling is especially necessary for paper, metals, and plastic. Another thing that should be taken care is avoiding purchases that are useless. It is better to try repairing the appliances rather than replacing them. This is because the carbon footprint on mending or fixing things is lower than that of making them from the scratch. Sustainable thinking calls for stopping that entire buy which is useless.


4. Buy local produce

Food miles express the distance the food travels before reaching the dinner table. Therefore it represents the amount carbon dioxide emitted while freighting. A rule of thumb says the least is the distance covered the lower is the carbon dioxide emission. Therefore, a local produce would much evidently cover less distance and hence would cause less carbon emissions.

Fruit and vegetables on counter top

Abiding by the environmental standards alongside adopting the principles of sustainability will help to reduce your carbon footprint. This will ensure both the safety of humans and the planet. Moreover, with increased damage to the environment it is high time that people started taking these issues seriously.