10 Eco-Friendly Water Tips to Keep the Environment Protected

Water is a valuable resource and it is intrinsic for life. Wastage of water is the worst thing that can happen and people should try to adopt water saving methods that can be helpful in saving water for the future generations. The 10 Eco-friendly water tips that are useful for conservation of water are as follows are described here.

Conserve Water

  1. Turning the tap on for the whole time while you are brushing or shaving will cause a lot of water wastage. Instead it is better to torn on the tap only when you are ready to wash off.
  2. The showers should be limited to 2 to 5 minutes to save huge amounts of water. According to statistics, a five-minute shower will use 25 to 50 gallons of water. One should try to save water in the bathroom and keep the tub below the running water so that water is not wasted.
  3. A pitcher of water should be kept in fridge. This helps in preventing the water to escape through drains and also curbs the use of plastic water bottles.
  4. One should wash the vegetables and fruits in a tin or a pan rather than leaving the tap on while cleaning the vegetables.
  5. People should focus on creating a water friendly garden. If they don’t have a garden that is water friendly then they should have some facility that helps in conserving water. One of the better ways to preserve water in the garden is to adjust the watering schedule and try to water the garden with the present weather conditions.
  6. Instead of using water from a hose one should use broom while cleaning walkways or driveways.
  7. One can turn the toilet into a simple low flow toilet by using some simple DIY steps.
  8. Using the compost and trying to avoid garbage disposal can be very effective. One should add mulch and compost in the garden. Adding the mulch and compost to the trees will help in preserving water and one will need to use less water in the garden.
  9. People should also avoid the use of dishwasher and use it only if they have huge amount of dishes to wash. The washing machine should also be used only if there are huge load of clothes. People who run the washing machine with small load of water must adjust water level according to amount of load in the washing machine.
  10. While getting a car wash people should go for waterless car wash rather than taking the help traditional car wash. The traditional car wash use more than 80 to 140 gallons of water and wastes huge amount of water. The waterless washing technique will save the water and also save money at the same time.

There are huge number of people around the world who don’t have access to clean water but trying to preserve clean water in an eco-friendly way can help in preserving water. These are 10 eco-friendly water tips that can help people use water in a sustainable way.