10 Eco-Friendly Camping Tips

These 10 eco-friendly camping tipswill help you make your adventure greener and safer. Camping is an activity that is a favorite pastime for many people. There are different methods to camp. There are some people who like going glamping or glamorous camping while there are others who like sticking to tent camping that is considered to be more traditional. There are even other groups of people who like roughing it out in the natural environment under the stars in the evening. Whatever your interests in camping might be, it is highly recommended to spend some time camping in the great outdoors during summer.

1. Purchase used equipment or rent camping equipment

There are different types of camping equipment that can be purchased used but camping essentials like sleeping bags have to be purchased new. For such bags, it is best to invest in the eco-friendly options made of recycled material.

2. Leave electronic devices at home

It is not wise to stay on your cell phone the entire day. Try enjoying your time in the outdoors and use your time to reconnect with the natural environment. Avoid the use of batteries and make use of solar lanterns.

3. Get hold of a camping area close to your home

It is not important for you to travel to a far off distance in order to enjoy camping. Summertime is something related to sleeping outdoors. Therefore, make use of camping areas close to your house.

4. Leave no hint

Remove all waste that might have been generated by you and your family while camping. This will allow the next group of campers to enjoy the camping area in the same way as you did. Avoid picking flowers, breaking branches or disturbing animals and environment in any circumstances.

Eco-Friendly Camping Tips

5. Make use of a fire pit

If you happen to live in an area where there is a high risk of fire danger then you should always take certain steps that will help in minimizing the chances of a fire starting out. The first thing that you should do in this respect is to build your fire in a fire pit while camping.

6. Do not spend your money on disposables

Buy dishware and plates that can be washed and then re-used. The overall cost of reusable items is very low and they also do not cause any harm to the natural environment.

7. Go for non-toxic bug sprays and sunscreens

Try making use of non-toxic bug sprays and sunscreens because there is no use putting additional toxins in the body and spraying harmful chemicals into the air.

8. Use soft-soled shoes

Most campers are of the view that sturdy and thick camping and hiking boots are perfect for an enjoyable experience. However, the truth about such shoes is that they damage the environment. If you are on a campsite, then it is best to make use of soft-soled shoes because they do not damage the flora and fauna around.

9. Stay on the trail

Follow cairns, trail markers and signs while camping and try staying on the beaten path. Wandering and trailblazing off the trail can have a negative impact on plant life.

10. Get hold of perfect campsite

Always try to get hold of perfect campsites that are mostly available in national and state parks. These parks have well-established campsites with separate areas designated for campfires and tents. These are the 10 eco-friendly camping tipsthat will help you in preserving the environment.