Green Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Most of us do not think much about how the routine and style of a bathroom has an impact on our planet, but it is rather significant. As the bathroom is slathered with a number of personal care products and dozens of cleaning chemicals, it indeed becomes a toxic place rather than the clean and green place it is supposed to be. It is also the primary source of water consumption in any home and in that more measures have to be taken in order to greenovate your bathroom in ways more than one.

Clean with natural products

While most of the bathroom cleaning products and personal grooming products contain a lot of chemicals that harm your health, they are also not friendly to the environment too as they pollute the air inside a bathroom. Use skin and body care products that are made using natural and organic materials as they are good to your skin and the bathroom too as the clarity of the fresh air needed in the bath is not compromised. Using living plants inside the bath is also a good idea as they purify the air naturally and are beneficial both to you and the bathroom. Occasionally groom your bathroom using organic and natural cleaning products.

Green Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Employ water-saving habits

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, more than 45% of a family’s water usage occurs solely in the bathroom of which toilets alone use 27%. Installing a low-flush toilet and low-flow shower heads can reduce the usage and wastage of water considerably while also saving a lot on the water and energy costs. Dripping faucets also account to substantial water wastage and care should be taken to stop up any leaks in the bathrooms.

Choose eco-friendly products

From toilet papers to bathroom vanities, all the products that you’ve packed in your bathroom could be eco-friendly if you make the right choice while buying them. Greener bathrooms just doesn’t mean cleaning them ecologically but also using the right products that are grown organically and made using natural ingredients and sourced from fair-trade organizations. Apart from water-saving toilets, faucets and shower heads, there are also many eco-friendly bathroom cabinets and vanities that feature sustainable materials to create green baths. Always look out for manufacturers offering FSC and UPC certified material which means they are environmentally friendly. Many of them offer a diverse selection of bathroom vanities that are made with green materials good for you and the bathroom environment.

Using naturally sourced bathroom vanities in your bathroom not only reduces the negative impact on the environment but also means less toxic chemicals in the air. Bath essentials like double sink bathroom vanities come with standard specifications and have a simple yet great design and answer all the bathroom storage needs as they can be installed as free standing units or could be wall mounted. The inclusion of a medicine cabinet and the drain assembly means that you do not have to worry about storing your personal care products or about messing the bathroom floors. They also include integrated double sinks precisely topped with natural stone. The engineered wood used in the making of these green vanities means they make the bathroom more eco-friendly while easing up the use.

Simple changes in lifestyle

Make sure to use natural products in your bathrooms and use low-VOC materials to upgrade your bathroom. Water-saving habits such as taking short showers and turning off taps while you brush or save are some of the points to be considered to reducing the water usage. Using biodegradable plastic or organic cotton shower curtains and suing energy saving lights in the baths are also some of the simple yet effective tips when it comes to greening your bathrooms and turning to a healthy lifestyle.