10 Tips to Turn Your Kitchen Green

Listed here are 10 tips to turn your kitchen green that will prove being-well doesn’t necessarily burn a hole in the pocket.

When everything is going green in the present day world, why not revolutionize the kitchen and its appliances too? People all over the world are becoming increasingly conscious of the products they use in every sphere to make sure they have a positive impact on the environment. Bringing about a change in the kitchen so as to make it more eco friendly would be a step further towards the protection of environment. Here are 10 tips to turn your kitchen green.

1. The first and the simplest way to adopt for going green in your kitchen is reducing the water consumption. This will save water. This can be done by ensuring that water is not wasted. Take care to close the tap when not in use. It is not at all a bad idea to recycle water in gardens. In some parts of the world, like Australia for instance, they are applying the use of rainwater collection systems to store rainwater when they are available. The system can include connections to bathrooms and to kitchens to minimize use of mains water especially during summer.

2. For the dishwasher, it consumes more water when the cleaning cycle is longer. Make sure that you use dishwasher efficiently and also make a habit of not turning the dishwasher on after every meal. Running the dishwasher when it is only full saves up to 20 gallons of water per day!

kitchen green

3. Ordinary cleaning supplies are made of chemicals and pose a threat both to the environment as well as to you. They can be replaced by the naturally made cleaners that are as effective as the regular ones. They also do not pose any threat to the environment as well as to the people using them.

4. Installation of Copper roofs can save a lot of energy. The metal also has properties to resist extreme weather conditions and is suitable for chimney caps and window roofs too. To be more environmentally friendly, use Copper that is recycled.

5. Hardwood floors can be durable and are one of the most intelligent ways to keep the environment and your family safe.

6. Saving energy is not just an economical measure, but is also a form of saving the important resources. Care should be taken to see that the appliances used in the kitchen are using the amount of electricity they require and not more than that.

7. Installation of such doors and windows that have low emitting power will not only let the sunlight to enter your home but would also block the UV rays from entering.

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8. Replacing the ordinary water heaters with solar water heaters is also a good idea when it comes to energy saving. These work on solar energy and save the vast amount energy that is spent by the ordinary heaters.

9. The kitchen appliances along with the other household appliances are now available with energy star labels. These help you to determine the energy they consume and you can get the appliances accordingly as they are available in varied ranges of price.

10. As the kitchen is a place in your home, after bathroom, where water consumption is high, it is advisable to install taps with low flow mechanism. This will save water.

These 10 tips to turn your kitchen green can help you to have a greener home.