Buying Eco-Friendly Paints for Interiors and Exteriors

Paint not just beautifies the interiors and exteriors of a home but also functions as a protective coat too. However, how to buy eco-friendly paint has become the question of the age due to the hazardous chemicals contained in regular paint. Indeed, a beautifully painted home should also be equally safe for its occupants. The correct choice of paint can be made only when basic facts about normal paint and characteristics of Green paint are known to people.


Most regular paints are based on lead, which is hazardous to human health if consumed in any form. It is true that people do not consume paint in any form directly. However, cutting, demolishing, sanding structures painted with lead-based paint creates dust that contains lead due to the disturbance caused to the paint. The dust dissolves in the air that is inhaled by various people. Moreover, the problem of buying eco-friendly paint is not limited to lead but other hazardous chemicals such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, Toluene, Xylene, etc. are also involved.

Painting white wall with green paint

Now, that the extent of the issue is known, the appreciable part is that several chemical companies have acknowledged the significance of safe paint and their wide range of products adequately address people’s concern regarding buying eco-friendly paints. Besides, people only need to check that the paint does not contain what it should not. The good news is that, in addition to being safe, Green paints are as durable and beautiful as regular paints and are available widely as well as cost about the same as mid and high-range paints. Green paints are primarily based on natural ingredients such as resins, oils, plant dyes, etc. Also, paints that contain low VOC or not at all are also safe for the house.


There is a slight difference between paints that are made of natural substances and those that have low or no VOC constituent. The latter kind is of regular paints that are specially formulated to reduce or eliminate the presence of VOC. They are not harmful for the occupants of the house but are not significantly beneficial for the environment.

On the other hand, naturally made paints contain organic substances that are highly significant to the environment. Due to their natural constituents, their impact on the environment in general is much low or, at times, even beneficial. The only part that remains to be explained regarding purchase of eco friendly paint includes companies and outlets that manufacture or sell them.


There are numerous manufacturers from whom people can buy eco-friendly paint. Some of the paint brands and companies are include: American Pride; Anna Sova; Benjamin Moore; Bio Paints; Portola Paints; Safecoat; and, YoloColorhouse.

However, there is much likelihood that many others produce Green paints. A brief online search can give best results.